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  • ‘Vaccination will go a long way in saving lives’
    Nagaland medical experts rubbish rumours about COVID-19 vaccine Atono Tsükru Kense Kohima | June 13 On the conspiracy theories and propaganda surrounding COVID-19 vaccine, particularly the labelling of COVID-19 vaccine as ‘mark of the beast’ which is stopping citizens from getting inoculated, few youths and Church leaders have expressed their views and observation in the first series as reported by The Morung Express. They have dismissed the misinformation as &l
  • The plaint of telecommunications in Nagaland
    Land ownership, misconception, topography and security Imkong Walling Dimapur | June 13 Telecommunications, as a service, has seldom been satisfactory in Nagaland. With the advent of mobile telephony and the internet, and more recently, online academic sessions compelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, the quality of service or the lack thereof has become all the more evident.  Students in the villages having to trek to the forests and mountain tops for appearing exams has now
  • Covid vax misinformation impacting response
    Atono Tsükrü Kense Kohima | June 12 Almost 19 months since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the world is slowly beginning to turn the tide against the virus through vaccination. However, misinformation, rumours, conspiracy theories and propaganda about the COVID-19 vaccine has created conflicting viewpoints between religious beliefs and medical sciences. Labelling COVID-19 vaccine as “mark of the beast” is deterring people from getting inoculated for fear of
  • Nagaland COVID: Detection declines for three weeks straight
    • Record high recoveries • High positivity in Mkg Morung Express News Dimapur | June 12 Detection of new COVID-19 cases continued to decline for the third week straight in Nagaland. The state Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP), in the weekly COVID roundup released on June 12, informed that Nagaland reported a total of 1,079 cases this week (June 5-11). This happened to be the lowest weekly tally since the last week of April.  Majority of the case
  • Dry spell worries farmers
    Vishü Rita Krocha Zhavame | June 11 By mid-June, most farmers in Zhavame village would have finished transplanting paddy saplings, but this year, they are still waiting for the rains to start the process. “I have never seen or experienced something like this in my entire life of farming,” says 50-year-old Motesou Movi, who is nervous to see even rivers that feed their terrace fields running dry. As opposed to past years, there are farmers in the village who have
  • Ambulance Service Volunteer: Serving people one call at a time
    Morung Express News Mokokchung | June 11 At a time when people are in constant fear and trying to stay indoors to keep safe from the virus, a young man from Mokokchung has volunteered to risk his life for the cause of the people. Moamongba, a 29 year old school teacher, is the lone volunteer for the free ambulance service provided by the District administration and Mokokchung police for COVID-19 related uses in Mokokchung The ambulance provides free services to the needy patient
  • Euro Cup: Football fans gear up in Nagaland
    Limasenla Jamir  Mokokchung | June 10  If there is one thing that is keeping the spirits high for the people, at the moment, it is the Euro 2020 (2021). The tournament, originally scheduled from June 12 to July 12, 2020, was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was rescheduled for June 11 to July 11. Along with the global football fans, Nagaland state is no less excited and gearing up for the kickoff of the tournament. Along Alingri, a hardcore German fan from
  • ‘Normalize Kindness’
    A teacher’s campaign to provide smartphones to students in Nagaland Kanili Kiho Dimapur | June 10 When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, procurement of essential commodity was a concern. However, Sentikala M Lemtur, a young teacher had a different kind of worry. With onset of the pandemic and the beginning of online classes, she saw that many families did not own even a single smartphone. That is when reality hit home for her. Having a heart for children, Lemtur dec
  • Nagaland: Church donates 100 Oxygen cylinders towards COVID care
    Morung Express News Dimapur | June 9  In a rare gesture which has caught the attention and also appreciation from many corners, the Dimapur Ao Baptist Church (DABA) donated 100 Oxygen cylinders (jumbo) to six private hospitals in Dimapur that have COVID Care Centres and also to Dr Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital and Impur Christian Hospital under Mokokchung district on June 8. “As a church, in our common fight against the pandemic, we have been engaging in all p
  • The Kofi Annan Changemakers 2021
    Zeinorin Angkang’s vision to transform  Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | June 8 “The tribal food has a lot of wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is very resilient and I think it is very special. We need to protect and expand more, and for me, to be a part of food security is what called me home.” This is what brought Zeinorin Stephen Angkang, back to her native village in Ukhrul, where she founded “Hill Wild” in t
  • Nagaland Fitness Community to raise COVID-19 relief fund
    Kanili Kiho Dimapur | June 6 Sticking to the old adage, ‘health is wealth,’ the Nagaland Fitness Community has once again joined hands to do their bit – creating awareness on the joy of fitness in every home. In 2020, when the novel coronavirus pandemic first hit the State, this group of fitness professionals had come together and shared awareness on health and positivity through recorded videos shared across social media. This year, they will give out live
  • First woman VDB Secretary in Mon
    First Konyak woman VDB  Secy ready to take charge Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | June 6  Breaking new ground in women leadership, 32-year-old W Manni has been elected as the Village Development Board (VDB) Secretary of Wangti village under Chen Block in Mon district on June 5, 2021. She is the first Konyak woman to be elected as VDB Secretary and among the rare breed of women in the State to have accomplished this feat. W Manni was elected from among seven candidat
  • Petrol price nears Rs 97 a litre in Tuensang; premium over Rs 100
    Morung Exrpress News Dimapur | June 6 With the increase by 26 paise after a day’s break, petrol was hovering at Rs 96.89 a litre on Sunday in Tuensang, while in Nagaland State capital Kohima it was retailing at Rs 95.72 a litre.  Diesel was also going for Rs 90.82 and Rs 88.82 per litre respectively in Tuensang and Kohima on June 6, as per the data on the IndianOil One, the official app of the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd on fuel related matters. Meanwhile, after Tuensa
  • Conservationist calls for sustainable policies
    Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | June 5  “Our ancestors knew what to take, what not to take and also how much to take. But today, we have put so much pressure on the biodiversity that the entire ecosystem is decaying and the threat is becoming very severe.” In his message for World Environment Day, winner of the prestigious Whitley Awards 2021, Nuklu Phom noted that the threats in this regard are not beyond the borders but are right here. Expressing deep concern
  • SDG Index: How Nagaland stands on environment-related goals
    Morung Express News Dimapur | June 5 How Nagaland is performing and dealing with key environment and climate change challenges? The third edition of NITI Aayog’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) India Index released on June 3 can offer some answers. With a score of 61 out of possible 100, overall, Nagaland was ranked a ‘performer’ along with 13 other states.  However, it was below the national average of 66 and Nagaland was ranked at ‘Bottom-5&rs
  • Mokokchung waste management continues to be growing challenge
    Limasenla Jamir  Mokokchung | June 4 The problem of waste dumping and waste management in Mokokchung has been raised, discussed and written about for quite some years now. The Morung Express also featured an exclusive story about the same in 2015 when the Mokokchung Municipal Council (MMC) dumping site was located in Ungma village, Mokokchung. In 2016, the residents of Ungma demanded that the dumping site be shifted by the end of the year. Subsequently, the MMC shifted the
  • Mask Up: 3-year old’s sensible act wins internet
    Morung Express News Dimapur | June 4 Lipavi, the 3-year old girl from Hebolimi village, caused quite a stir when a photograph of her at the Health and Wellness Centre (HWC) Hebolimi went viral on June 3.  At a time when even adults are showing reluctance to get tested, the 3-year old decided to pay a visit to the HWC all by herself after noticing symptoms of common cold. However, it was not just the visit which caught people’s attention. Lipavi showed up wearing a mas
  • Do we still care enough for the creation?
    ‘Contemplation’ continues to cry for mankind to stop constant abuse on Mother Nature  Morung Express News Dimapur | June 4 The transformative power of music is that it never loses its relevance. June 5 is World Environment Day- the right occasion to pledge to protect Mother Nature and to be part of the global call for urgent action to restore ecosystems. For the occasion, in context of Nagaland, it would be a difficult task to make a playlist of music sol
  • NAGALAND SDG GOALS: Marginal progress overall, falls in key indicators
    Moa Jamir  Dimapur | June 3 To achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets by 2030, Nagaland would require extra concerted effort by policy makers and all stakeholders, indicated the latest NITI Aayog’s SDG India Index released on June 3.  While there was marginal improvement in overall score, on some key categories, Nagaland’s status declined from last year including some domains in which the State traditionally scored st
  • Mokokchung: Delay in seeking treatment causing more deaths
    Limasenla Jamir  Mokokchung| June 2  Mokokchung recorded a high percentage of COVID-19 deaths in Nagaland with 16 deaths out of 546 positive cases as on May 31, 2021. The district has also witnessed an alarming growth in positive cases in the past few days.  A nurse on duty at the Mokokchung district COVID-19 Hospital revealed that the main reason for the increase in death rate is because of late admission to hospitals. “The main problem is that people go