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  • Preventing Hunger While Building Peace
    Daniel Moss and Amrita Gupta Inter Press Service Acute hunger is expected to soar in over 20 countries in the next few months, warns a recent report on global “hunger hotspots” from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP). An estimated 34 million people are “one step away from starvation”, pushed to the brink by climate shocks, conflict, and the Covid-19 pandemic. The food aid industry is likely to be very
  • COVID-19 End Life Care - Management of Dead Body
    There is minimal risk of spread of COVID-19 infection from a dead body if standard precautionary measures are followed. However, misconceptions, stigma, and discrimination of the families remain when a person dies of COVID-19. Therefore, the following guideline is an updated and expanded version of the guidelines, which also includes additional sections on handling COVID-19 deaths in a home/community setting, safety guideline for the caregiver of the deceased, and prevention of stigmat
  • Face behind the mask: The domestic workers conditions today
    Sr  Pramila UFS NDWWT-Nagaland Region, ACID  Looking deep in to the problems of the Domestic Workers, their unseen struggles and problems stand out like “face behind the mask” of today. They contribute a lot to the household and the society, but who recognises them? Hardly a few good souls. They are still unrecognised.  It was on 16th of June 2011, exactly 10 years ago the ILO convention adopted the policy where in the workers, employers and government
  • A stream of consciousness that grew into a volume of poetry
    Vishnu Makhijani IANS Ayesha Chenoy, a successful investment banker who won the prestigious Adam Smith Prize for economics at Cambridge, served stints at Merrill Lynch, UBS Global Asset Management and Credit Suisse before cofounding in 2013 an advertising agency that she says empowers brands and help them build their digital real estate: a universe of interactive and immersive experiences. Not surprisingly, her debut as an author is in the form of therapy delivered through a ser
  • Law In Motion: Cyber Crime 14 – Social Media Frauds
    Rupin Sharma, IPS Nothing works in isolation – at least not in this immensely inter-connected and inter-dependent world – neither climate, nor flora and fauna; neither countries or state or villages or communities nor institutions and organisations. Wired or wirelessly connected devices are no exception and nor are any computer systems. Though we are still some ways away from artificially driven world, we are already seeing changes where predictive texts, sentences or r
  • Why We Need More Women in Power
    Sania Farooqui Inter Press Service What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the words, women and power? The accepted wisdom is that women can be powerful, but not without the constant reference to their gender – which is often based on a set of unconscious biases towards them. Is she competent enough, effective, articulate without being too assertive or too aggressive. Is she a straightjacket, is she too emotional, will her family life impact her work or
  • G-7 Summit: Reality and expectations
    Asad Mirza IANS The upcoming G7 Summit in Cornwall, UK from June 11 to 13 is perhaps the first international event, in the backdrop of the continuing Covid pandemic, when the leaders from the worlds wealthiest countries -- the US, Japan, Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Canada -- will be meeting with leaders from India, Australia, South Africa and South Korea face to face for the first time in the last one-and-a-half year. The leaders from the most advanced nations of the G7 m
  • Normal is…..
    Aditi Singh When you close your eyes and you see all dark That means you are normal And when you open it again and see the world wide That means you are normal. Find no reasons to smile today? Isn’t this reason enough that blue is the sky? You and the whole universe are going hand in hand! Isn’t it enough that there is nothing uncertain? Isn’t it enough? But let’s tell the truth, Normal is too boring dude! What’s new that we wake up every day
  • The importance of protein for swine
    Animal Science Division KVK Tuensang INTRODUCTION Among the livestock, pigs are the only species reared for meat purpose and it fits in extremely well with the mixed farming system. They are efficient converter of swill, waste food, slaughter waste and agricultural by-product into food source of high quality protein and thus making them the most profitable livestock enterprise.  In the Northeast region of India, pigs are more popular among any other livestock as majority of
  • Small business trends for 2021 in our hometown
    Menusatuo Theunuo B.Voc. 6th Semester, Modern College •    Small businesses will drive the adoption of developing employment in the society. •    The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has depleted many businesses’ cash reserves. •    Although many states reopened after initial shutdowns, some are re-imposing restrictions, reigniting concerns around cash flow and the survival of small businesses. Even
  • 'Enquiry is not solution finding, it is about asking sincere questions'
    Vishnu Makhijani IANS Karnatic maestro T.M. Krishna has worn many a hat during his 45-year career as a vocalist who has made innumerable innovations in the style and substance of his concerts and as a writer-activist-author. A Magsaysay Award winner "for his forceful commitment as artist and advocate to art's power to heal India's deep social divisions", he has now curated his writings into an extraordinary collection titled "The Spirit of Enquiry", t
  • 2021: The Year that Matters for Poorest People on Planet
    Jonathan Farr Inter Press Service This year is being described as pivotal for climate change. That’s not only because we’re reaching a point of no return when it comes to the rise in global temperature, it’s because the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties – commonly known as COP26 – is due to take place in November in Glasgow. COP26 is widely considered the last chance for governments to combat the global climate catastrophe. In the wak
  • The Truth
    Aditi Singh Do you look at the night sky? What do they say? To me they say “You are a human and you will die one day” And so I dream of having a grand life. I embrace as much as positive energy in me And I never forget I am a human. I am saying this because When my thoughts collide with people around Who dream for LAND, Live for MONEY and Kill for RELIGION. I get shattered! Thousands of divisions are here around Humans, gender, caste and color And thousand
  • South Korea’s response to COVID-19 pandemic and its implication to Naga community
    Vesetalü Tetseo PhD, Systematic Theology, South Korea The COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the whole world today with a total case of 173,367,123 so far. Out of these cases, 156,138,472 recovered/discharged, 3,728,881 reported deaths, and 13,499,833are still active cases (5June 2021). The World health organization reported as of 1 June 2021, a total of 1,638,006,899 vaccine doses have been administered. Unfortunately, India has the second-highest rate now at 28, 574, 350 confirme
  • All is not lost
    Loktimen Nagaland has scored a point of 39 in SDG-4 target (Quality Education) recently published by Niti Aayog. It is the second worst performing state, only just behind Bihar in terms of SDG-4 ranking. But the state has a literacy rate of 79.55% which is above our National literacy rate as per the 2011 Census. The question remains: Why are we failing? The literacy rate is just one indicator to show the level of education. The SDG report says that the ANER (Adjusted Net Enrollme
  • Ecosystem Restoration
    Dr N Janbemo Humtsoe Climate Reality Leader The earth is just a speck of dust among the trillions of galaxies and the stars within those galaxies in the observable universe. Yet, planet earth is special because of its unique ability to support life. A planet we call it home and mother. A home that provides for our needs and supports uncountable number of plants, animals, fishes, birds and other small and microorganisms. Among the millions of species that cohabit this blue planet, i
  • Happy World Environment Day 2021, for our ‘Eco-Systems Restoration’
    LH Thangi Mannen  The word “Happy” is often associated to wish someone or celebrate an occasions - be it a birthday, an anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day, women’s day, valentine day etc. It is an expression of our love, concern and acknowledgement of the person and the occasion. Likewise, on this WED 2021, let’s take time to wish a happy WED to each other, and commit ourselves to respect, restore, care and nurture the environment, that
  • A review: Biofortified maize to fight micronutrient deficiency
    Dr Hannah Krujia Asangla ACTO – Agronomy, KVK Phek Biofortification is a process of escalating the density of vitamins and minerals in a crop through plant breeding, transgenic techniques, or agronomic practices. Biofortified staple crops, when consumed regularly, will generate measureable improvement in human health and nutrition.  International Food Policy Research Institute explains bio fortification as a scientific method for improving the nutritional value of foods
  • Scope of sesame cultivation in North East
    Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) is considered to be the oldest indigenous oilseed crop, with the longest history of cultivation in India. India is the largest producer of sesame in the world with a production of 746 MTha-1 (FAOSTAT, 2020), playing a substantial role by contributing to 12.40 % of the world’s production. India exported 312.62 lakh tonnes of sesame seed and oil, amounting to 3920 crores in the year 2018-19 (Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics,
  • The Kenyan Peacekeeper Championing the Ideals of the Women, Peace and Security
    Major Steplyne Buyaki Nyaboga of Kenya has been named the UN 2020 Military Gender Advocate of the Year. Bestowed annually since 2016, the award recognises an outstanding peacekeeper whose work contributed to the promotion of women, peace and security. Alison Kentish Inter Press Service Major Steplyne Buyaki Nyaboga of Kenya singles out the establishment of gender-responsive military patrols in farming communities in Central Darfur, Sudan as one of the proudest moments of her two